Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can you believe the year is half over!?!?

Wew! This has been a busy summer! I have been all over the world and back again and I enjoyed every minute of it! From the Bahamas to New Orleans and back again I have had a ball! After the traveling dust has settled, I still have a lot to work on and I am still in my process of finding my way to grow in every area of my life. So far I've gone back and forth on my hair and weight loss efforts and I am still stagnant in both areas. But I have a plan...

As I type I'm deep conditioning my hair and the decision (for now lol) is to utilize twists/twistout regime until I start seeing the growth that I am looking for.

As for weight loss, I was instructed by my doctor to give the low carb method another try so I am in the process of looking at a modified version that is not too restrictive and easy to follow along with an exercise program. By the way I haven't been to the gym in months (that's gotta change!)

As for my career...I'm looking at a move soon if all goes well. Once I know more I will blog all about it and my next move regarding professional and financial development.

It is apparent that I have to be a woman with a plan to keep it all together. I haven't done well with that so far this year. Which brings me to the realization that this year is over half over!!! only 5 months til Christmas!! :-o

Oh well...I am determined to strive to achieve my goals the second half of the year as I look toward my 40th birthday. I am remaining positive and optimistic as I work on being the best me i can be.

Until next time folks...Toodles!!

Kiki S.