Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

This past weekend I celebrated the first anniversary of my 40s.  I can’t believe another year has passed!  It seems like we just got over Christmas and a quarter of the year is gone already.  Time surely flies the older you get…

I was sitting here thinking about my commitment to decrease negative thinking and I have realized that despite the ups and downs that I am currently experiencing, I am truly happy!  It occurred to me as I quietly celebrated my birthday while spending the day crocheting for a dear friend – Happiness is a decision.  Avoiding negativity has been a tough challenge and even when you are reframing your thoughts and actions others are constantly bringing their negative energy to you and if you are not careful they will take you out of your place of peace.  This has happened several times and let me tell you…the devil has been busy!  But nevertheless I am experiencing less stress and an old calm demeanor that I almost forgot I had.  I thank God for the wisdom that only time can give me.  
I can say that my pursuit of renewing my mind will continue far beyond this Lenten season.  I challenge everyone to try it.  It will change your life!!!