Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Be No (April) Fool!

April 1st...

My oh my has this year progressed.  March and my birthday have gone and Easter is now behind us and I are looking spring in the face.  I love this time of year...warmer days, wash and go's, and - my favorite - Maxi dresses! 

As always as the seasons change I reflect more and more on what really matters.  When I consider those things from my past that I held in high regard I realize now many are insignificant.  What I now see as important is this:  Love, Health, and being open to continually Learn are what I now focus my intentions on.  Serving and being good to yourself and others, enjoying life and not sweating the small stuff - THAT'S what is important!

It truly amazes me what I thought was important in my twenties and thirties has significantly changed in my 40's. It is really true that priorities and perspectives change as you get older. I can remember a time when I was young and needed a relaxer and I refused to go to the school once (or twice) because I needed a touch up and was having a bad hair day. Wow was I a FOOL...Oh to be young and dumb!!! Today...I don't think I will every return to relaxers. It continues to amaze what people connect to their self-esteem. I could go on but I will save that for part 2 of my "For Colored Girls..." series. 

But until then,

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease ;-)