Thursday, July 19, 2012

It is well...

I find myself at a crossroad once again.  In life we come to them often.  Sometimes the route to choose is easy and others are hard.  Well it looks like I am there again and once again I am scared to move.  Yes I admit it!  I am SCARED! 

Scared of making another wrong decision!
Scared of what others may think!
Scared to stay and scared to go!

I know what I want to do...but is it the right decision?  As will all other crossroad experiences all I can do is PRAY!  In past experiences I have let go and God has pointed me in the right direction.  Well I thought this was the direction he wanted me in but guess what I was wrong.  Sometimes the easy road is not God's answer.  Of course I should have known that but fear can cloud your judgment and clog the ears.  But my instincts kept telling me that something was not right.  I asked God to open my eyes to some things and show me some things.  What I didn't bargain for was that I would not be prepared for what I found out or the consequences of knowing...

The hardest thing to do is to trust God and your instincts.  After all I do believe it is the Holy Spirit that is guiding my instincts anyway.  The problem is I keep getting my will mixed up with what His.  Right now all I can do is ask for forgiveness and make it right somehow. 

Once again it is time to LET GO AND LET GOD! 

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