Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sucked into the internet AGAIN...

It happened again! I logged on just for a quick second and now I've been on here for well over an hour. SMH...oh well. I guess I can chat about my day a little. For some crazy reason everyone thinks we are getting snow tomorrow but as much as I love a snow day as the next southerner, it ain't gonna happen. I could be wrong but according to the weather channel app on my trusty BB there is only a 20% chance of the wet stuff. But I won't say anything and let them all just wipe out the grocery stores by stocking up on bread and water (isn't that what they used to feed people in jail back in the day?).

Did social work/case management stuff (in other words: I went to work). Had a meeting with a colleague about finally developing that business we keep taking about but never get around to working on. I am determined that this year is going to be my year of transition! From the hair transition (big chop coming soon) and my plan to just about to a whole overhaul of myself in preparation for the big 4-0.

Anywho...I am sure there are several pots of the infamous cold weather soup being made as it has been chilly these last few days. I had a little myself tonight but not too much because I am doing the new year's dieting thing...AGAIN. I call my diet the Meat and Veggies plan. I'm making sure that I get plenty of water and healthy proteins and non starchy vegetables. Some may call it Low Carb and it's that too. But my version is simple because I am not doing any measuring or counting anything. Besides the slightly unhealthy obsession with weighing in everyday I am totally loose with this diet thing ;-).

Until later TTFN ;-)

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