Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've Got a Feeling!

What's up peeps!  I'm chillin myself.  Relaxing at the end of a productive and not complaining one bit!  I have that feeling know that feeling that you get when you know something is about to happen?  I've got a feeling that some things are going to change very soon.  FOR THE GOOD, BETTER, and FOR THE BEST!!! 

When you decide to let go and let GOD handle it - when you REALLY let go - you will find a peace.  You won't be able to explain it, people won't understand, and when you let go many will think you are crazy!  If you feel yourself under pressure and think there is no way out, ask yourself these:  Why don't I just let it go?  Why am I holding onto something that is bringing me so much stress?  What's the BEST that can happen if I do let go?  Then go on and pursue that BEST!  Many people find themselfs in that area of STUCK and they don't see a way around it but I am here to tell you:  LET IT GO!  I got a feeling that that someone reading this wants to!  I got a feeling that you need to!  And...I got a feeling that if you do you will have more joy and purpose than you ever thought possible. 

That's why I did!  You see since I turned 40 and think I'm grown now LOL!  It feels good to finally FEEL grown and to be able to make decisions without the guilt or anxiety of actually caring what other's think about what I do with my life.  I make decisions that please me and seek those things that make me happy. I decided that I will let no one or anything try to suck the joy from my life!  I am in hot pursuit of my dreams and trying to get my HUSTLE and FLOW on! :-)

Hustle and Flow with me!!!

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