Monday, August 27, 2012

Lifestyle Makeover Self Challenge!

I posted a video on the YT a couple of weeks ago about my pursuit of being healthy called Weight Loss Self Challenge (08-08-2012). I have been doing my research and I have decided to take it to another level and make a total lifestyle makeover...on the inside and the outside. Starting with the way I think and what I put in my body, my appearance, my career and finances, and even my associations and who I allow in my space. I am doing a total overhaul!

For a while now I have had some things on my heart that I want to to do but I have not acted on them.  Its now time for me to GO GET IT! 

Oh I have been working on life all along (it's called living) but I really haven't pursued my desired with my all. So for the last month or so I have been praying and searching and researching and planning. I have been reading and watching videos and educating myself in preparation of this monumental task that I am working on.

Self-work is hard work! It takes something that I struggle with - DISCIPLINE! I know this is not going to happen overnight so I am making plans and setting goals to accomplish this makeover. 

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