Sunday, June 9, 2013

Midlife Crisis???

Okay I know it has been a minute...

When I started this blog my goal was to share my thoughts and insights into my life as I continually grow and evolve as the woman I was created to be.  As you know, life is a series of twists and turns and although the decisions we make play a huge role in the path that lay before us we still are at the mercy of grace.  It is my belief that we are created to serve and to impact someone else.  No matter how short or how long a person's life is on this earth, God's plan is met.  We may not understand the message because more likely than not the message is not for us to learn.  I could say more but then I will be getting deep and totally off the intent of this post (ADD kicking in again LOL!).

Getting back on track!
Looking back over the last few years as I transitioned from being in my 30's and approached my 40's with anxious anticipation I have come to the conclusion that...I am in the throws of a midlife crisis!  I didn't see it coming at all!  What is a midlife crisis you ask?  Well for me it is discovering that the things that I worked so hard for in my 20's and 30's turned out to be so NOT what I wanted or needed to make me happy once I acquired them.  Then there are the things that I THOUGHT I would have by now that have not manifested...can you say panic attach waiting to happen?!?!  Panic attach has not happened yet because I refuse to let it but I find myself at a unique crossroads full of opportunities and possibilities.  The question is...which road do I take???  I need to make a new list of goals and pursue those things that make me happier, healthier, and a more well-rounded person.  I am making my list and checking it twice as I pursue my destiny of impacting others. 

I know this is not about me and I want to live everyday with that mindset:  My life is an example to others!  For so long I thought it was about being successful, getting married, having children, etc.  Time to refocus priorities...

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